Playoffs: Black Magic Loses to 1st Ranked Savage Team in Shoot-Out

In the 1st game of the playoffs Black Magic (ranked 5th) took an early 1 to 0 lead against the Savage team (ranked 1st), but in the 2nd half Savage scored to end the game in a tie… This lead to a 10 minute 5, on 5 over time period that Amber played in, but that also ended in a tie. After the over time the teams went into a Shoot-Out where each team picks 5 players to take penalty shots against the other team’s goalie. Amber was one of the 5 players selected for the Shoot-Out but Black Magic lost 2 goals to 3 and was eliminated from the playoffs. It was a devastating loss, but both teams played exceptionally well in this extremely exciting game. Look out Savage, the tournaments are coming up!