Holiday Update

Amanda bought a house is 15 minutes from Jessica and Todd.  She continues to date Rich and is very successful at the salon where she works.  She keeps her family laughing with her wicked sense of humor.

We are anticipating Max’s arrival!  Amber and Jesse’s baby is due January 6th.  The live 15 minutes from Jessica and Todd.  Amber is still at Toys R Us and helps to tutor Austin (and does a great job at it).

Alex is more of a typical teen ager than we’d like him to be at Howard High School (same high school his sisters attended). He is still is in love with Grace and saving to buy them their own place.

Austin was picked to sing a solo at school and was phenomenal, earned his brown belt in Martial Arts, and is in 8th grade at Columbia Academy exploring high schools for next year.

Both boys completed their first children’s triathlon this year

Jessica is glad the girls live 15 minutes from her and is very very excited about the birth of Max.  When Amber is ready to go back to work after Max’s arrival, Jessica will be his daycare provider – yippee.

Todd did his first Ironman distance triathlon which is – 2.4 mile swim, 112 bike ride, and then ran a marathon.