Holiday Update 2012

Happy Holidays to you and your family!!  Whether you celebrate Kwanza, Chanukah, Christmas – or some other holiday we have not been introduced to – – we wish you a great one!!

2012 has brought many changes to our family.  In June, Bill (my mother’s husband) pass away after a short battle with cancer.  We will miss Bill’s passion for politics, his love of Notre Dame’s football, and his doting over Meme (it was adorable).

December 31, 2011 Amber and Jesse became the proud parents of Max!!  Every member of our family is enchanted with Max!!

On to activities – Todd, Jessica, Alex & Austin biked and camped 170 miles of the C&O Canal in July.

In August we spent a week at our annual rental home in Ocean City – it was so much fun to have Max with us!!

Amanda – I officially live in the house I purchased a year ago in Baltimore City – and I love it!! Kevin (my boyfriend) and I have been diligently doing projects and renovations. I’m super busy at work and I’ve taken on an apprentice. I love being an aunt. I have three very exciting trips planed this year out of the country. See the Elf’ed video

Amber – Jesse, Max, Lily (the dog) and Amber are all a big happy family and live in Hanover, Maryland! Max is mobile, crawling nonstop and learning more sign language each day.  Max and Lily will follow you around like the house like little ducklings.  Jesse is still at Toys R Us and could not be happier with his son.  Amber has made the Dean’s list (as a full-time student) every semester since Max was born.

Alex – I’m looking for a girlfriend, I want to move out of our house, have a car and kids.  I still work at Columbia Tri.  I went away to camp this summer for a week – it was overnight camp.  I had a great first quarter report card, excellent Lion’s Pride (behavior record), went out for a celebration dinner.  Rode bike with Rachel Markus 8.8 miles.  I had a solo in the winter dance concert and got a huge applause!

Austin – Is a freshman at Howard High School.  He is doing well!!  Auditioned and was accepted into Drama Learning Center’s Teen Youth Acting Company and will have an ensemble role in “Side Show”.  He ALSO got a role in the High School Theater’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie.  On December 10th he will take his Red Belt promotion test for Martial Arts (last belt before Black belt).  He continues to take voice lessons and his mother LOVES to hear him sing throughout the house.

Todd – Ran his 1st 100 mile race in just under 24 hours, you should have seen his feet afterward!  He is still racing in the ChumpCar and 24 Hours of LeMons race series (video).  In April Todd joined a new start up company called Cobalt Talon and works predominately from home.

Jessica – I’m working at the Y teaching yoga and Pilates – and my favorite job is watching Max.  I’m happy, so very happy. 

We hope to hear from you!!