24 Hours Of LeMon – Capitol Offense

Not the trophy I was going for, but we’ll take it.

I started my last stint with a little over an hour left in the 15 hour race and closed our gap from the class leader from 1 min 40 secs to just 40 secs with plenty of time to overtake them when we blew the head gasket.

 It was looking like we’d be 1st in the class and top 10 overall until the failure…we wound up 5th in our class and 17th overall of 97 cars.

We won the “Best Theme Ever” award” with the Turtle Eclipse of the Heart, complete with Bonnie Tyler blasting during Tech Inspection

A deer joined the race.  Yes that is REAL!  Here is the video footage.

Our rookie driver spun, keep with it to the end.

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